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"Great Website, super easy to use, great buttons for easy sharing! I love it!!!" 

Monte M.

"I enjoy land-listings.com. Great website to sell land, and to buy land. I enjoy posting all of my land for sale on this website. " 

Tim F.


Options for Investor and brokers and Realtors listing land are limited. One of the better options out there that we found, was very expensive and complicated to use. Land-Listings.com can provide a better option.

We would like you to be able to find out what we are about risk free. Every person that registers with Land-Listings.com can list for free! We offer Premium for those that would like to get boosted promotion and extra features.

Social Media is the driving force behind our marketing and growth. We offer tools to help you share your properties on social media outlets.

We are excited about the future of Land-Listings.com. We have worked hard to create an awesome service. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Land-Listings.com.

If you have land for sale, personal or business, please feel free to put your listings here with us.

Paul Bumgardner (Owner)

"You are providing a service that is good for everybody concerned buyer and seller alike. You work hard making improvements and are constantly tweaking your site to provide a better service. I am happy to provide any support I can. I sincerely hope that your site succeeds well beyond your expectations." 

Jim L.

"Paul has worked diligently to create a user friendly marketing platform that outdoes all the others in the end. He goes above and beyond to personally drive traffic to the listings. I'm super excited to be in on the ground floor of land-listings.com!" 

Amy B.

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