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Property Listing: Status: Active (Listed on: 11/24/2021)

Beautiful off grid mountain hunting land with hilltop views forever!!!

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15.00 Acres +/-
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General Location:
North of Antlers OK
City, State Zip:
Pushmataha County
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This is the perfect off grid property to spend a weekend or a lifetime. Top of the mountain views.

This is for 471-D,471-E and 471-F only top of the hill with views forever! In the 3d view it is the one outlined with the purple box.

Cash discount price is $35,000

Finance price is $45.000, 15k down at 12%

want both properties???

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Great hunting and peace and quiet are a recipe for a busy person wanting to get away from it all!

Access is by Jeep or side-by-side. Getting to the property is easily done with truck but there is a nice creek that will take a Jeep or side-by-side to get across that is on this property!

The Kiamichi Wilderness is approximately 10,000 acres of land around Big Mountain in Pushmataha County, alongside the Kiamichi River near Antlers Oklahoma. It was purchased/subdivided in the 1970's by a real estate developer and sold to residents of Oklahoma and Texas as a "get-away" place for weekend fun. It has grown since then to a vibrant community, complete with a Volunteer Fire Department and a Landowner's association.

Landowners here come from all walks of life. All are drawn here by the beauty of the rocky hills, trees, clear-running creeks, rambling trails, abundant wildlife, and quiet living. Many choose to build cabins here and teach their children about nature, preservation, and the simple lives people lived so long ago. Others still choose to retire here; escaping the noise of the big city and building long-lasting relationships in our community.