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    Wanted Post ID: 221   Date and Time Posted  
  Looking for land in CO, NM, or WY. Minimum of 10 acres. Must have road access. Looking for land that I am able to hunt directly on the property. Quick easy access to public land is important as well. This will be a cash sale. Thanks.   2020-11-21 13:56:26  
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  I need 1-3 acres as far up on the Appalachian mountains as possible. It can be in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, or W. Virginia or Kentucky. I will put a log cabin on the land and build a greenhouse as I am a certified organic grower. So, I need the land to be undeveloped so I can grow what needs to be grown for food. I can dig a well and get electricity and sewer if the land currently does not have these features, but it would be great if the land already has some of these! I am retiring in six months and need a quiet place up in the mountains.   2020-09-14 11:19:35  
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  In search of small acreage/land for homesteading. Must have mature trees/privacy, as well as road access to property. No desert or coastal properties. Utilities hookup and (water/electric/etc) not necessary, house on the land is also not necessary (though I'm also not opposed to these options). Budget is $1000-$3000 for 1 acre minimum, ideally 2-3 acres. I want to buy in cash. Ideal property also has water source on the property (creek/lake/pond/river). Open to all states!   2020-06-15 10:56:41  
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