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    Wanted Post ID: 302   Date and Time Posted  
  Seeking land for hunting within 2 hour drive of The Colony, Texas. Must be good land for hunting deer, hogs, etc.   2021-07-20 17:16:36  
    Wanted Post ID: 301   Date and Time Posted  
  South Carolina: Looking for 5+ acres, unrestricted for 3-generation ranch, has to have creek, pond or natural spring. Land only est. $100,000, if electric and water on site est $120,000 or with housing or barn structure (fixer upper/ok) est $170,000   2021-06-30 16:32:37  
  South Carolina      
    Wanted Post ID: 300   Date and Time Posted  
  Looking for 5 - 10 acres of land for hobby farming within 2 hours of drive from Frisco TX   2021-06-23 08:11:28  
  Denton County, Texas      
    Wanted Post ID: 299   Date and Time Posted  
    2021-06-17 11:03:15  
  Okanogan County, Washington      
    Wanted Post ID: 297   Date and Time Posted  
  ISO 10+ acres in Dayton or surrounding area. Within an hour to 1½ has of Pasadena Texas. Mobile homes ok and a couple cows.   2021-05-18 12:18:42  
  Liberty County, Texas      
    Wanted Post ID: 295   Date and Time Posted  
  looking for land with or without a cabin and with a lot of trees. Would be nice if it had water on it. Must be somewhere on Kenai Peninsula.   2021-05-10 11:16:29  
  Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska      
    Wanted Post ID: 294   Date and Time Posted  
  ISO of farm/pasture land!! Preferably 30+ acres in NE Oklahoma. Within 30 mins any direction of West Siloam Oklahoma.   2021-05-07 06:57:13  
    Wanted Post ID: 293   Date and Time Posted  
  ISO 2+ acres with trees to put my brand new doublewide on. Under $100k and within 30-45 minutes of either Greenville, Sulphur Springs, or Tyler. Thanks!   2021-05-04 09:46:06  
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