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Land-Listings.com is still in Beta. It looks like we will be leaving Beta earlier that expected. We hope to be out of Beta January 1st 2020. The site will maintain giving free Credits to all newly registered users. Additional Credits are gained by exchange of Links or able to be purchased if they are needed but the users.


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Credit: Credits are used to make an "Active" land listing available to visitors. Users are given Credits when they register to list properties. "Links" can be exchanged for "Credits". "Credits" may also be purchased either singly or in packages. Each "Credit" represents 30 days of listing time. Every listing must have days available to be visible to visitors. Credits also keep our listings relevant. When your 30 days are expired your listing is no longer visible to users. If you abandon the listing, it is not visible after 30 days. NOTE: A Credit can be redeemed if you have more than 30 days on a listing. If you add two Credits, you would have 60 days. If you want to redeem one you would get a Credit back and you would then have 30 days on the listing

Links: Links are earned when you share pages and a unique visitor comes to one of your shared pages. (These pages don't have to be your own. Any page you share will earn you Links for unique visitors. This means you can earn links without having an active listing and pay for listings with only sharing from Land-Listings.com.) Links can be exchanged for Credits, Featured Listings spots and Bumping your listing. If you share your referral link and a person joins Land-Listings.com, you will get Links when that person uses Credits. Currently you will receive 4 Links for each use of a Credit and 2 for any auto-renewal used. You will receive these referral Links from this user when they use Land-Listings.com Links from a referral are removed if a referral redeems Credits. The Credit cannot be double counted this way. Links cannot be purchased with money.

The Process:

1. A visitor registers on our site and becomes a user.

2. The user can create or listings from their “dashboard"

3. The user ensures that the listing has as much information as they want for the property and submits the listing.

4. They are then taken to the edit listing page to add photos, select a primary photo for the listing or make any changes.

5. Then the user needs to select ‘Update Listing’ when finished.

6. When everything is in order, the user needs to Apply a Credit to the listing to make it active.

The listing is now live and active for 30 days for each Credit applied. The last three days before a listing expires, a notice is sent to the user reminding them to go to their dashboard and apply another Credit if they intend on keeping the listing active.

Note: A Credit can be added or removed in full 30-day increments. (So, if you sell a property that has 35 days left on it, you can remove 30 days and reclaim 1 Credit. Only full 30-day increments can be redeemed.

The Home Page:

The home page is broken into sections.

The head contains our logo and our home page share and like button. We appreciate any Likes and Shares of course.

Under that you find the navigation section.

If you are logged in there is also a 'Dashboard' button.

Your Dashboard is your home for everything.

Under that you find our search feature. (This is also on the listings page.)

To the right you will find our welcome and general information for new visitors.

Under the Search and welcome area, you will find our 'Featured Listings' section.

The bottom of the page contains direct links to states and our certificate information.


Home: The home page and general landing page for any new visitor.

Find Land: This is where you can search our land listings.

List Land: This link is where you can list land for sale.*

Advertising: Not selling or buying land? Do you offer services to those wishing to buy or sell land? For those wishing to advertise their services to buyers and sellers!

Land Wanted: If you are looking for land you can post a land wanted post here. We can match you up with sellers that have what you are looking for.

Message Us: You can send us a message through Facebook Messenger from here.

Register: You can sign up with our site to use any of the features we have to offer!

Login: This is where you can login to your 'Dashboard".

*Some of the features require you to be logged in. They are dependant on your ability to receive email from our servers so you must have an account.

The Dashboard:

The Dashboard is broken into sections.

My Account: This button takes you to your account page where you can change information that we and your customers can use or see.

Greeting: The top section contains your greeting and your message notification link.

Credit Information: This section displays your Credit information, both Credits totals and Link totals are shown here. ?

Wanted Listings: If you have any Land Wanted posts, they will appear here.

Ad Section: If you have ads, they will appear here. You can delete, edit and add and remove Credits for your ads.

Listings Section: This section contains your Land Listings. You can promote, edit, view, and add and remove Credits for your listings. You can delete your listing by going to the "Edit" page.

Favorites: Any favorite listings will show up here. Make a listing a favorite by clicking on the gray heart at the top of any listing. You can remove them by clicking the (now) red heart.

Sellers Land Card: This is a mock display of what your Seller Land Card looks like. This will display next to your listings. To edit this Card, you change information in the "My Account Info" button at the top right corner of the page.

Go to My Account

Seller's Land Card

Private Seller View


Agent, Investor or Broker View

The Seller's Land Card contains informatin you want to present to and potential buyers.

If you are a private owner you can include your photo, name, phone number and email address.

You can also include your facebook messenger link.

Below this information is your seller rating. As a private seller this will reflect how you treat potential buyers.


At the bottom is a simple contact form where potential buyers can ask you questions. These messages are in your message center in your Dashboard.

When you set your user type as an Agent, Broker or Investor the Seller's Land Card looks a little different. Your Business information is displayed You will see your photo, business name, business address, business phone number, and email address.

Below this information is your seller rating. DON'T FORGET TO RATE YOURSELF 5 STARS!

Below that you will find business services you have entered. Here you can include basic html code if you are familliar with it. (<br> for a new line, <strong>ta da</strong> for bold type etc...).

At the bottom is a simple contact form where potential buyers can ask you questions. These messages are in your message center in your Dashboard.


All of these pieces of information are able to be updated and changed on your 'My Account' Page.

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What Are Credits?

Credits are a way for us to track how people are using our site. They are used to "buy" 30 days at a time for your listing.
You can add more than one, but eventually, your listing will no longer show. This keeps our site relevant.


Listings set to 'Pending' status will now remain visible to users if there are days remaining on the listing.
They will also remain promoted if you have promotion days left. If the status is set to 'Sold' or the listing is deleted, the listing will not be visible.

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Is there a way to see all my listings?

If a seller has more than one listing, this handy button shows up so that you can see all of a seller's listings in one place.

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How do I get messages?

Messages from buyers are now stored for you in a histroy for safe keeping. New messages are in your dashboard notification area.

B and F Auction Service LLC- The McGuire Team

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