Frequently asked Questions

What are my options?

Feature Free Premium Deluxe
List Your Properties For Sale
Post Your Land Wanted Requests
Search for land
Social Media Sharing
Save your favorite Listings (with notes)
Message sellers and buyers
Subscribe to your favorite sellers
Land Listing Google maps option
Add your Seller Directory listing
See your Wanted Post Listing matches
Included Land Listing photos 5 unlimited unlimited
Include a Land Listing video
Include Video as Header
Land Listing page view tracking simple detailed detailed
Your Listings on the bottom of your post ❌ 
Land Listing marketed by ❌ 
Land Listing match wanted posts ❌ 
Bump Land Listing ❌ 
Manage subscribers ❌ 
Your Seller Directory listing promoted ❌ 
Premium listing flags ❌ 
Facebook Messenger Link ❌ 
Virtual Assistance (2 hours per week) ❌  ❌ 
Dedicated Land Listing page ❌  ❌ 
Certification ❌  ❌ 

What is the Premium Standard membership?

$49.95 per month. Month to month subscription.

All listings of Premium Standard users are added to our promoted listings pool. These listings are selected for advertising through social media outlets and email marketing.

Premium Standard users can send out subscription emails that include their most recent listing and a short note to those visitors that have subscribed to their listings.

Premium Standard listings are promoted throughout the site and on the bottom of non-premium listing’s pages.

As a Premium Standard user, you have unlimited photos for your listings. (You are not limited to only 5 photos.)

Premium Standard listings do not have other user’s listings on the bottom of their listing pages.

All Premium Standard listings and User Land Cards are marked as Premium to stand out.

Premium Standard users have a ‘Bump” button added to their dashboard listings section for each listing, which will renew the listing date. (This places their listing at the top of the list!)


What is the Premium Deluxe membership?

$149.95 per month. Month to month subscription

Premium Deluxe applies to the user or manager account and also any users managed by that manager.*

Premium Deluxe users have a personal page to direct customers or domains to.

Premium Deluxe users have VA (Virtual Assistant) service for adding or updating up to five listings each week.

Premium Deluxe users can use our manager tool. All users in one team, brokerage or office can be added under this tool. The manager can subscribe to this service and all* of their agents or users are automatically Premium users. (Manager accounts must use the Deluxe payment option.)

Premium Deluxe costs $149.95

*Manager accounts can only add up to six users. If you need to manage more than six users please contact us at the number on the bottom of this page.


What is Certification?

On Request, our Premium Deluxe users can ask to certify them. A certified seller has had these areas checked:

The verified information is displayed on the Reputation page of the seller for your convenience. Areas not checked or not verified are omitted.

Each area has a value in a scoring process. Once a seller has enough points they receive our “LL Certified Seal”.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our services and our site. is glad to have you here no matter how you use our site.

What is a 1 Month Listing Boost?

$9.95. Onetime fee.

A boost is a single time charge that converts only one listing to a 1 Month Listing Boost listing for one month only and is not reoccurring. Any non-premium user can boost any post.


How can I advertise?

$29.95 per month. Month to month subscription

Ads are placed along side of our listings in a semi-random rotation. Any paid advertiser is also allowed to place an ad in any of our group on Facebook which will be approved and remain while the subscription is active.